AEZ Crest

After the success of the AEZ Crest dark in 2017, AEZ in 2018 follows suit with the AEZ Crest in high gloss. The cross-spoke design has long been a classic in the rim market and thus AEZ offers its customers an extension of the possibilities. In the past few months, the light alloy manufacturer’s design team has been successful in advancing the classic cross-spoke design, giving the new rim AEZ Crest a double cross-spoke design with a significantly enhanced rim edge, making it look sportier and aggressive. The wheel is available especially for premium cars such as Porsche Macan, Audi A6 or Q5, Volvo S90 and also Jaguar XF and XE as well as the latest Mercedes S-Class. For the Jaguar F-Pace the rim is available in 21 inches inclusive of VTA(Germany: ABE).

AEZ Crest - Views

TÜV certified

3 Years Warranty

AEZ Crest - Dimensions

Available Dimensions:

7,5 x 17

8,0 x 18

8,0 x 19

9,0 x 19

8,0 x 20

9,0 x 20

9,0 x 21

Sizes and Details:

Dimension: PCD: ET:

PCD: Pitch Circle Diameter

ET: Offset

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